Nokia C6 00 - Still image camera settings

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Still image camera settings








To change the main settings, in image

mode, select





from the following:

Image quality — Set the resolution. The

higher the image resolution, the more

memory the image consumes.

Show captured image — View the

image after it is captured, or continue

image capturing immediately.

Default image name — Define the

default name for captured images.

Capture tone — Set the tone that sounds

when you capture an image.

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Memory in use — Select where to store

your images.

Show GPS info — To add GPS location

coordinates to each image file, select



Receiving a GPS signal may take time, or

the signal may not be available.

Auto-rotate images — Select whether

you want images that are captured when

the device is held upright to be rotated

when you open them in Photos.

Restore camera settings — Restore the

camera settings to the default values.