Nokia C6 00 - Capture and recording settings

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Capture and recording settings

To open the capture and recording

settings view before capturing an image

or recording a video clip, select






and .

The capture and recording settings view

provides you with shortcuts to different

items and settings before capturing an

image or recording a video clip.
The capture and recording settings return

to the default settings after you close the

Select from the following:

Select the scene.


Switch between video and

image mode.

or Show or hide the viewfinder grid

(images only).

Activate the self-timer (images only).

Activate sequence mode (images




Image settings:

Select a colour effect.

Adjust the white balance. Select the

current lighting conditions. This allows

the camera to reproduce colours more


Adjust the exposure compensation

(images only). If you are shooting a dark

subject against a very light background,

such as snow, adjust the exposure to +1 or

+2 to compensate for the background

brightness. For light subjects against a

dark background, use -1 or -2.

Adjust light sensitivity (images only).

Increase the light sensitivity in low light

conditions to avoid too dark images and

blurry images. Increasing the light

sensitivity may also increase the image


Adjust contrast (images only). Adjust

the difference between the lightest and

darkest parts of the image.

Adjust sharpness (images only).

The screen display changes to match the

settings you define.
The capture settings are shooting-mode

specific. Switching between the modes

does not reset the defined settings.
If you select a new scene, the capture

settings are replaced by the selected

scene. You can change the capture

settings after selecting a scene if needed.
Saving the captured image may take

longer if you change the zoom, lighting,

or colour settings.

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