Nokia C6 00 - Location information

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Location information

You can automatically add capture

location information to the file details of

the captured material. For example, in the

Photos application, you can then view the

location where an image was captured.







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Add location information to all

captured material






Show GPS




. The location information is

available only for images captured with

the main camera.

Location information can be attached to

an image or a video clip if location

coordinates can be determined via

network and GPS. If you share an image or

a video clip which has location

information attached, the location

information is visible to others that view

the image or the video clip. You can

deactivate geotagging in the camera

It may take several minutes to obtain the

coordinates of your location. The

availability and quality of GPS signals may

be affected by your location, buildings,

natural obstacles, and weather

conditions. If you share a file that includes

location information, also the location

information is shared, and your location

may be visible to third parties viewing the

file. The device requires network services

to acquire location information.
Location information indicators:

— Location information unavailable.

GPS stays active in the background for

several minutes. If a satellite connection

is made and the indicator changes to

within that time, all the images captured

and video clips recorded during that time

are tagged based on the received GPS

positioning information.

— Location information is available.

Location information is added to the file


Files with location information are

indicated with in the Photos