Nokia C6 00 - WLAN connections

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WLAN connections

To use a wireless LAN (WLAN) connection,

you must create an internet access point

(IAP) for WLAN. Use the access point for

applications that need to connect to the

A WLAN connection is established when

you create a data connection using a

WLAN internet access point. The active

WLAN connection ends when you end the

data connection.

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You can use WLAN during a voice call or

when packet data is active. You can only

be connected to one WLAN access point

device at a time, but several applications

can use the same internet access point.
When the device is in the offline profile,

you can still use WLAN (if available).

Remember to comply with any applicable

safety requirements when establishing

and using a WLAN connection.
Tip: To check the unique media access

control (MAC) address that identifies your

device, open the dialler and enter