Nokia C6 00 - Keyboard

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Your device has a full keyboard. To open

the keyboard, slide the touch screen up. In

all applications, the screen rotates

automatically from portrait to landscape

mode when you open the keyboard.

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1 Function key. To insert a special

character printed at the top right

corner of a key, press the function key,

and then press the desired key. To

enter several special characters in a

row, press the function key twice

quickly. To return to normal mode,

press the function key.

2 Shift key. To switch between upper

and lower case modes, press the shift

key twice. To enter a single upper case

character in lower case mode, or vice

versa, press the shift key and then the

desired alphabet key.

3 Sym key. To insert special characters

not shown on the keyboard, press the

sym key, and select the desired


4 Ctrl key. Some shortcuts require the

ctrl key.

5 Space key

6 Shift key

7 Enter key

8 Navi™ key (scroll key). Press the scroll

key to make a selection. Press the

edges of the scroll key to scroll left,

right, up, or down on the display.

Press and hold the edge of the scroll

key to accelerate scrolling.

9 Backspace key. To delete a character,

press the backspace key. To delete

several characters, press and hold the

backspace key.

Insert characters not shown on the


It is possible to insert variations of

characters, for example, characters with

accents. To insert á, press and hold the

sym key, and then press A repeatedly,

until the desired character is displayed.

The order and availability of letters

depends on the selected writing