Nokia C6 00 - Video sharing requirements

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Video sharing requirements

Video sharing requires a 3G connection.

Your ability to use video sharing depends

on the availability of the 3G network. For

more information on the service, 3G

network availability, and fees associated

with using this service, contact your

service provider.
To use video sharing, ensure the


Your device is set up for person-to-

person connections.

You have an active 3G connection and

are within 3G network coverage. If

you move outside the 3G network

during a video sharing session, the

sharing stops, while your voice call


Both the sender and recipient are

registered to the 3G network. If you

invite someone to a sharing session

and the recipient’s device is not

within 3G network coverage or does

not have video sharing installed or

person-to-person connections set up,

the recipient does not receive

invitations. You receive an error

message that indicates that the

recipient cannot accept the invitation.