Nokia C6 00 - Check in

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Check in

With the Check in feature, you can keep a

private record of where you have been.

Keep your social networking friends and

contacts up to date with what you are

doing, and share your location on your

favourite social networking services.





Check in


To check in, you need a Nokia account. To

share your location, you also need a social

networking service account. The

supported social networking services vary

by country or region.
1 Sign in to your Nokia account, or, if

you do not yet have one, create the


2 It is possible to share your location on

the social networking services that

you use. When you use Check in for the

first time, you can set your account

credentials for the services that you

use. To later set up accounts, select


3 Select your current location.

4 Write your status update.

You can post only to selected services

that you have set up. To exclude a

service, select the service logo. To

exclude all the services, keeping your

location and status update private,

clear the

and post on

check box.

5 Select

Check in


You may also be able to attach a picture to

your post, depending on the social

networking service.
View your Check in history

Select .

Checking in and sharing your location

requires an internet connection. This may

involve the transmission of large amounts

of data and related data traffic costs.
The terms of use of the social networking

service apply to sharing your location on

that service. Familiarise yourself with the

terms of use and the privacy practices of

that service.
Before sharing your location to others,

always consider carefully with whom you

are sharing it. Check the privacy settings

of the social networking service you are

using, as you might share your location

with a large group of people.