Nokia C6 00 - Manage certificates

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Manage certificates

Digital certificates protect your content

when transferring confidential

information. Certificates should be used

when connecting to an online bank or

another site, or to a remote server for

actions that involve transferring

confidential information.
Certificates should also be used when you

want to reduce the risk of viruses or other

malicious software and be sure of the

authenticity of software when

downloading and installing software.

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Phone mgmt.


Security settings


Certificate management

and select the

desired certificate type.
Digital certificates do not guarantee

safety; they are used to verify the origin of


Important: Even if the use of

certificates makes the risks involved in

remote connections and software

installation considerably smaller, they

must be used correctly in order to benefit

from increased security. The existence of

a certificate does not offer any protection

by itself; the certificate manager must

contain correct, authentic, or trusted

certificates for increased security to be

available. Certificates have a restricted

lifetime. If "Expired certificate" or

"Certificate not valid yet" is shown, even if

the certificate should be valid, check that

the current date and time in your device

are correct.