Nokia C6 00 - About the home screen

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About the home screen

In the home screen, you can quickly access

your most frequently used applications,

control applications, such as the music

player, view your favourite contacts, and

view at a glance if you have missed calls

or new messages.

Interactive home screen elements

To open the clock application, tap the

clock (1).

To open the calendar or change profiles in

the home screen, tap the date or the

profile name (2).

To view or modify connectivity settings


), to see the available wireless LANs if

WLAN scanning is enabled, or to view the

missed events, tap the top right corner (3).

To open the dialler to make a phone call,

select (4).

To hide and show content, swipe the

home screen with your finger.

Add items to the home screen

Select and hold an empty area in the home

screen, and from the pop-up menu, select

Add content

and the item.

Using widgets may involve the

transmission of large amounts of data

(network service).
Move an item in the home screen




Edit content

and the

desired item, and drag and drop it to a

new location.
Remove an item from the home screen

Select and hold the item to remove, and

from the pop-up menu, select